RollerVibe was launched in December 2018 with the aim of providing a euphoric and immersive recreational experience for all.

Primarily the niche of RollerVibe is the roller-skating element, welcoming skaters of all skill levels. To ensure the environment is truly welcoming of all, RollerVibe also accommodates non-skaters, providing extras such as alternative entertaining activities, music from a rotation of quality DJs and food from a network of high-quality vendors.

The brief for the branding for RollerVibe was based around creating a retro style typefont with a skater girl. illustration to reflect the fun theme of the brand. 

As the brand has grown. RollerVibe introduced corporate events to their brand. Companies, brands and groups can now host an skating event with them for their teams in terms of team building, days out or group socialisation in the same format as their event days. The branding was similar to the inital RollerVibe logo. But instead of a person in casual clothing. The corporate logo incorporated a man in work clothes.

©RollerVibeUK 2020
©RollerVibeUK 2020

Each Month, RollerVibe has a theme for their events. For their promotional flyers the brief was also to implement the chosen theme into the design.

©RollerVibeUK 2020
©RollerVibeUK 2020

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