Cadeau Magazine is a fashion and lifestyle magazine through the eyes of photographers. Cadeau Magazine started as a weekly newsletter in 2020 in Germany, before becoming a monthly publication and online platform years later.​​​​​

BRAND CadeauMag

Branding & Social Media


Elegant — Functional

For a third year in a row, I worked with CadeauMag to produce the 2019/2020 issues alongside concepts for their social media campaign and a redesign of their current website.

This year, they wanted to showcase women of the city to represent the dynamic and engaged subjects: luxury, diversity, and social responsibility. We worked with photographer François Ollivier to portray the different themes.

Web Redesign — Interactive

Cadeaumag’s online website is a modern web resource about beauty, health, lifestyle and photography.

With the redesign, I wanted to convey that it’s not only an information resource. It’s a platform for interaction of enthusiastic. Relevant and interesting news, interviews with reputable photographers and models – video content and much



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