Apple Music UK

Every Month, Apple’s UK playlist editors curate the latest and most anticipated hits out there in the UK – that you need to listen to, now. To accompany the relaunch of the project, we proposed a visual identity that builds from the same concept urgency. We needed to be bold, fresh and vibrant.


            Branding  We wanted to create an identity that allows for the artists’ own styles and emotions to shine through. And, in a similar fashion to how many culturally impactful editorial magazines create their covers, we simply decided to work with Apple’s brand palette to choose the most suiting accent for each cover.

The marketing happens in all channels, so we set off to create layouts that function well in artist-generated social, and on the Apple platform. The launch campaign included advertisements around London, Manchester and Birmingham.

Every week, Apple features artists that have made it onto the New UK Playlist.

Advertisement board on London Underground Tube Stations
Advertisement board on London Underground Tube Stations

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